Portraits of H

In our everyday lives, we often have many faces we show to the world. Like the face, when we are at work is often more official and professional, to the one we have at home with our family being possibly softer, kinder. When we go shopping, to the gym, on a first date, playing with children, all could involve different looks and feelings.

Whenever I create a portfolio like this, with my client, we try to present a different way of viewing the world and ourselves, a side of us that not many have ever seen, even ourselves. As a photographer, I am not only concerned with composition, lighting, balance, and tone, but to build a rapport with my client, to allay their fears, place them at ease, show me a side to them, and capture the essence of their being. I am always so blessed to receive such positive feedback from my diverse range of clients, and feel privileged to have worked with some amazing people.


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