I have been volunteering for many years. It all began when I visited a summer camp to help children suffering from terminal illness. I’m so proud that I’m one of the thousands of volunteers who help children to forget about their illness, and make them happy during these summer camps. This organisation is called the ‘Serious Fun Children’s Network.’ (https://seriousfun.org/) Volunteering with them changed me in a very positive way. Since then, I see things differently. I’m so glad volunteering found me. I continued volunteering for others too such as the ‘Stroke Association.’ (https://www.stroke.org.uk/)

They help people find their way back after a stroke as much as possible. I’m proud to be a volunteer for these organisations. It feels so good when I can help others. These pictures were taken during the 2019 Brighton Marathon where the runners were raising funds for their chosen charities. In 2020 the Marathon was cancelled due to Covid19. 2020 was a tough year for everybody, especially those vulnerable and alone. I wish all the best for everyone, and these organisations to able to continue their work and help others.


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