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Let me tell your storie

I love my job. I have bases in Brighton and Scotland and enjoy traveling across the UK and Europe to work with clients.

Working as a professional portrait photographer for over 10 years, has taught me how to understand my clients’ needs and make them comfortable.

I always aim to create something beautiful and memorable, something to stand the test of time. 

Meeting so many different people through my work is always exciting. Making people happy is what drives me.

My clients often tell me I put them quickly at ease during the photoshoot. Many people don’t usually enjoy having their picture taken, but I can help reluctant sitters feel comfortable, and this helps create portraits that are natural and flattering.

I have many repeat clients and most of my work comes from personal recommendations. I have clients who I first met to take their engagement photos and I have loved being invited back over the years to photograph their wedding and their growing family of now three children. 

Companies have retained my services for staff portraits year after year.

About Zoltan

Zoltan was made in Hungary and moved to the UK in 2016.. He ended up 6.4 tall, and his first grey hair appeared when he was 17. (Like Holden Cofield in the Catcher in the Rye) That’s why Zoltan isn't bothered by his grey hair. He is fighting a constant battle with his weight that he will win ... at some point ... He likes to travel and to play tennis. His favourite food is sandwiches and he’d love to learn to play guitar. When he can, he prefers to travel by bike. He is always smiling, and he's got a funny English accent. Zoltan is a happy chap.


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I’d love to be your photographer. Feel free to get in touch. 

Zoltan Borovics